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This Big Mistake During Charging will Damage Your Mobile 2018-Techhow

This Big Mistake  During Charging will Damage Your Mobile 2018-Techhow

Friends, you make such a mistake during your mobile charging, which can cause your mobile explosion and may come in an event related to day exploding. A few days ago, a person died due to phone explosion in Indonesia. Investigation revealed that the person was talking to the phone while charging. It can be with you too. Whether the phone is explosive or not, but the phone and its battery are lost in the wrong way to charge the life, then let's know the mistake that you should not have.

Use Original Charger

Please use the same company's original charger for the company you use. Do not use any other company's charger because everyone has a different power supply capacity. This can prove to be fatal for you and your phone. Therefore, always use the original charger. It keeps your battery life and the phone is not afraid of blasts.

Don't Take Over Phone While Charging

The phone comes to someone whenever your phone is charging. To talk to him first, remove your charger from the plug board. Since the phone is hot during charging and in that case if you talk on the phone, it becomes much warmer and the probability of blast at that time is highest.

Don't charge battery more than 90℅ 

Phone users always charge up to 100 percent of their phones, but after 90% of the above, the phone gets more hot, so that the phone may also explode.

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