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Vivo Nex Review A High-End Next Generation Phone

              Vivo Nex Review 

  • Products: vivo nex
  • Launch Price Rs 44,990
  • Main specs: Snapdragon 845 SOC, 4,000 mAh battery, 6.5 9-inch Full HD + display
  • Rating: 4/5

Vivo Nex Review A High-End Next Generation Phone
Fans have been divided on the implementation of the notch on modern phones. Some like it and do nothing. Well, a cutout at the top of the display, if you want a big screen phone, then a compromise is high and do not want the overall form factor to be like a tablet. But the only way to keep an all-screen phone? There is no answer. And this is a great example for Vivo's Nex.

Vivo Nex comes with an impressive 91.24% screen-to-body ratio in which there is absolutely minimal bezel (at least on the top bar). So, where do camera modules, speakers and other necessary sensors go? Vivo is implementing its first type of camera module, which is hit on the upper edge of the phone and whenever you are taking it yourself or need it for video calling, it can be called.

 It works and looks really good. It's a bit messy, but it's okay.And as far as the sound runs, Vivo has incorporated a screen sound casting technique to transmit sound from the screen. It essentially means that the display functions as speaker and earpiece. To further enhance the sound, Vivo comes with Hi-Fi in the NEX Package Technology (SIP) system. In this there is the singular chip to create a matrix house with a digital and home operating amplifiers for analog converters (DAC).

Vivo Nex does not come with a dedicated backwards or front fingerprint button, instead it is embedded in the screen.
From the innovation point, it is very unique and looks forward, considering that both Apple and Samsung were rumored to have this feature included in their main phone.
At a price of Rs 44,990, Vivo Nex is not crossing the limit of being a super-expensive smartphone when it is actually launched. In fact, the premium version of OnePlus 6 (Avengers Edition) comes at Rs 44,999.

Does combining these future technologies and value profits make Vivo Nax an ideal phone?
First of all, talk about good things. Vivo Nex, supported by the Snapdragon 845 processor and 8 GB RAM, easily handles most basic tasks. We pushed the boundaries by playing graphic-intensive games such as Marvel: Champions of Doubles, Real Racing 3 and certainly Pub Mobile. The phone was not completely disappointed with its performance.

Adding to gaming experience or multimedia streaming is a 6.5 9-inch 2316x1080 FHD + Super AMOLED display from the edge. The colors are vibrant and any high resolution video looks great on the device. Other elements like call quality and battery life are very satisfying.

However, the highlights of the phone remain motorcycle selfie-cameras. Whenever it is called, the camera creates a mechanical noise (digital sound on the phone can be adapted and optimized). It is noticeable and valuable to be shown to your friends and family.

Vivo Nex's elevating camera (HT photo) in action

Vivo Nex provides good results in the light of day (image resizes for web) (HT photo / Total Bhushan)
Vivo has launched firmware updates for vivo nex users to improve camera performance. We did not see any significant improvement after the update.
Now, talk about areas where Vivo Nex is behind. The first feature in the list is OS 4.0 (based on Android OREO 8.1). The UI experience is disappointing after using Longplan 6 for a long time.

For example, in the default usage, there is no search bar to find the app. With the load unit, with many apps, a bit annoying at finding the app you want to use. On OnePlus 6, Oxygenos will present your latest app or search for the app you are looking for. Although this is a small issue, but very important in daily use cases. The functioning is that you can download a third party launcher. We recommend NOVA which is quite fluid.

We also struggled to register our fingerprint scanner on the screen. After several attempts, we left it while resorting to passcode-based unlocking. But it seems that the mistake is with our unit because other reviewers have not reported similar issues.
Vivo should be appreciated for bringing a phone, which users could have lived in the concept phase for a long time, and future features like screen-sound casting or motorcycle selfies could try to make the camera democratic.

Except the buggy UI, the performance is quite satisfactory. Compared to the original model of OnePlus 6, vivo nex seems a little expensive, but considering the unique look and special features, it is worth the shot. The phone is definitely going to appeal to those who are looking for different devices, look good and do not compromise on the display.

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